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Hello! I'm Kisha,

content marketer based in New York City.

I produce strategic content for start-ups and small businesses. I help founders, brands, and executives tell stories that provide value to their customers and achieve online presence.

I believe entrepreneurs are bad-asses tackling society's problems by offering game-changing solutions. You've done the hard part of researching and developing the answer to your customers' pain points, but knowing is not enough.

To monetize your genius, you have to share what you know to the right customers. Position yourself as the expert and customers will follow. 

Want to create insightful content that builds brand authority and attracts quality leads? Let me help you with that!




Writing blog posts is time consuming but critical to boosting brand awareness and your site's SEO. Sharing how you overcome challenges and your industry insights is content gold. I can help you ghost-write long-form articles that tell your story in a way that provides value to your readers. You will also be able to identify the best channels to publish your blogs to get quality leads looking at your content and clicking to your site.



Email marketing is 40x more effective at customer acquisition than Facebook and Twitter combined. Emails are also an affordable way to promote your business and develop relationships with your readers. When visitors hit 'Subscribe' on your website they're inviting you into their inbox to win them over with killer content or promotions. I can help you identify the email strategy right for your business to increase online revenue and customer loyalty.



Think of your brand as a human with a developed personality. How does it talk? What are it's values? Focusing on one persona directs your messaging, imagery, and content. It also attracts your target customers by using a voice that lets them know, "I get you." I can help you develop a  customer avatar and brand guidelines that keep your messaging consistent, generates ideas for content, and identifies strategic partners that can grow your business.


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Blog Writing

I generated 1K+ backlinks and 20+ referring domains for a Shopify website by writing over 60 targeted blogs on parenting, local family events, and kids fashion. Check out my writing samples published on Maker's Row Blog and Junior Baby Hatter.

Email Marketing

I increased website sales by 78% and email conversions by 33% in one week by creating a time-sensitive email drip campaign with optimized subject lines and CTAs. 

Influencer Marketing

I increased Junior Baby Hatter's Instagram followers by 60% in 4 months by identifying customers' influencers and partnering with 4 nano-influencers to create free and sponsored content.

Brand Management

Junior Baby Hatter underwent a re-brand to shift their target customer from millennial moms to millennial dads. I lead the development of new guidelines and buyer persona to reveal customer behavior and appropriate social media channels.  

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"Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do."

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe