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Customer Marketing

Customer stories and case studies for tech platforms and agencies

Interviewed Ellie Tumbuan, the Cofounder of social impact consultancy, The Justice Collective, to produce a case study landing page and video testimonial for my brand agency client, bombilla®.

Before working with me, bombilla® had a goal to reposition it's brand from a graphic design agency to a full-service business and branding consultancy. Producing this case study gave bombilla social proof by highlighting the most impactful service that their client valued, including their messaging guide and brand audit service.

Lovepop + Lytics


Collaborated with customer marketing manager and video agency, Testimony Hero, to write copy for a client case study landing page.

Developed templates for interview questions and landing page copy to execute the campaign, including use case, video testimonial, and social quote graphics in 45 days.

Column + Compt

compt-io-column-compt-case-study-2023_customer story.png

Interviewed an HR executive to produce a video testimonial using Premiere Pro and write copy for a case study landing page.

Developed templates for interview questions and landing page copy.

Carrot + Compt

compt-io-carrot-compt-case-study-2023_customer story.png

Interviewed executive to write copy for a customer story on how Carrot achieved a 92% utilization of employee benefits. 

Customer G2 & Capterra Review Campaign

Customer Review Campaign.png

Wrote copy for a drip email campaign that offered gift cards to increase customer reviews on G2 and Capterra. Gained 7 new reviews in 30 days. Created customer quote graphics for LinkedIn. 

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